About Us


Generation Good Respect is a non-profit organization that is hoping to bring respect back into schools and our world, and to teach our youth to live up to their potential.

We are people who have been affected in some way by the vicious cycle of disrespect in our world. We believe that we can stop this cycle if we teach our youth to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. It is our firm belief that people are born to be innately good, and that circumstances that a person encounters can alter their course. We hope to instill a strong basis of kindness and compassion in our youth, so that when they come to a difficult crossing, they will make the right choices. Following the Code of Respect helps to ensure a strong sense of self-respect and being proud of yourself and the decisions you have made. When you have respect for yourself you will treat others with respect, thus creating a cycle of healthy, happy, and respectful interactions in our world.

The cycle of bullying and disrespect is a cry for help. It is our job to answer that cry with guidance and love to stop this cycle. That is why it is our hope to get the Code of Respect into the hands of as many schools, homes, and workplaces as we possibly can. As our founder, Kimberly, has said, “Real change happens when we shift our attention to the positive. You can make the impossible possible in the most simple ways.” We carry this belief with us every day while we endeavor to make the world a better place. Whether it be in the simple act of guiding a youth who needs our help, or by standing up in the face of bullying and putting it to a stop, Generation Good Respect is here to change the future.

We are all under the same sun, moon, and stars. There is much that we can accomplish, but we can do so much more with your help. When it comes down to it, we all desire to be respected for who we are. Following the Code of Respect will make a difference for all who stand by it. Taking the pledge and standing for good is going to change the world.

This is the Generation who is going to stop the cycle of disrespect and stand for GOOD. We owe it to them and our world to give them every chance at a successful and productive life that we can.