The Code of Respect

Respect the feelings, wishes, and needs of others. 

Accept everyone for who they are. 

say good things, do good things. 

The Movement of Respect


The vision for this program is to give the youth of this world a voice that has confidence and power behind their words. We want our youth to be able to stand on their own two feet and proudly say that they are against bullying, verbal abuse, and disrespect. Our vision is to start a ripple effect where these positive influences and stances continue to multiply. We hope to teach students to respect themselves and others, giving them the necessary direction for life.

The Code of Respect can be implemented in all schools and a boost to all programs a school may already have in progress.

5 Easy Ways to Implement the Program

  1. Introduce the Code of Respect 101 to students. Hand out fliers with the Code of Respect to students and parents/guardians and make your very own legacy video for the future generation to be encouraged to respect themselves and others. 

  2. Talk to the students and teachers about the five principles of the Code of Respect. Encourage students and teachers to make a list of 5 good things about themselves everyday, and discuss what they come up with.

  3. Put up posters and fliers throughout the school and classrooms.

  4. Support us by purchasing t-shirts and posters boasting the Code of Respect.

  5. Promote and share our website.