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Generation Good Respect is a non-profit organization hoping to bring respect back into schools and our world and encourage our youth to live up to their potential.

 We believe that we can STOP this cycle of bullying, verbal abuse and disrespect if we encourage our youth to be the best versions of themselves they can be.  Our firm believes that people are born to be innately good and that circumstances that a person encounters can alter their course. We hope to instill a strong basis of kindness and compassion in our youth so that they will make the right choices when they come to a difficult crossing. Following the Code of Respect helps to ensure a strong sense of self-respect and pride in yourself and the decisions you have made. When you respect yourself, you will treat others with respect, thus creating a cycle of healthy, happy, and respectful interactions in our world.

Board of Directors

Kimberly Ann Ertle-Clark


Siboney Guereca


Kylee Harless

Vice President/
Marketing Coordinator

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