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Here at Generation Good Respect, we believe that what you put out into the world will come back to you 101% – whether that be positive or negative. While it is a wonderful gift to be able to manifest positivity in your life, the cycle of perpetuating negativity is powerful and destructive, and it can be difficult to escape. It is during the difficult times that we encourage people to look at their circumstances in a different, more positive light. Usually, when someone is lashing out, it’s a cry for help. They are speaking from a place of pain within their hearts. During this time of turmoil, it is essential for us to come together to communicate in a positive way that will benefit us all.

That is why the work we are doing at Generation Good Respect is so important; we believe 101% in the potential of our youth to have a powerful and meaningful effect on our world. This is the generation who wants to make a difference on this Earth, and our future is in their hands. By tapping into the power of positivity and instilling a solid foundation of respect and kindness within the life experience of our children from a young age, the good that they can do is limitless. They are the ones who see the problems and are the most affected by them first-hand, and they are also the ones hard at work to come up with solutions; even when they might be lacking the tools to do so.

That is why we are here. The youth of our world deserve to have the tools to make the world a better place – a place that they are proud to call home. One of these tools is the Code of Respect curriculum.

Our goal is to implement The Code of Respect in all schools, homes, and workplaces, not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Generation Good Respect is here to help build a strong foundation of Good. The concept is a simple 5 step code; Say good things, think good things, and treat people well. Do not lie, cheat, or steal. No bad language. Respect yourself and others. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.

We hope to bring desire, drive, and unhindered direction for success. Here at Generation Good Respect, we want others to see the good in life from a different perspective and learn that they can achieve success by following the simple steps outlined in The Code of Respect.

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How to Make a Difference

It is so easy to support this movement, that we are confident in saying that every single person in the world can make a difference.

  • Implement the Code of Respect into your daily life. Live it, Love it, Be it. It will come full circle – 101%. Read more about the Code of Respect Curriculum

  • Share the Code. Teach it to your children, share it with your friends and family, spread it around the office. The more, the merrier! Scroll to download printable versions of the Code of Respect that you can share with the world.

  • Support our cause. Consider donating or purchasing a t-shirt. Take your donation a step further and Leave a Legacy with Generation Good Respect. With your help, we can continue to spread the love.

Code of Respect


1) Respect the feelings, wishes, and needs of others

2) Accept everyone for who they are

3) Say good things, Do good things

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Code of Respect 101

Say and think good things, treat people well

Brings respect to you and to others 101%

Not saying good things, not thinking good things, and treating people poorly will bring disrespect from others


Do not lie, cheat, or steal

Honesty is always the best decision

Doing these things lead to bad decisions in life and low self-esteem


No bad language

Cursing does not benefit anyone

Others will have less respect for you


Respect yourself and others

Makes you feel good about yourself

More likely to make poor choices in your life


Forgive and ask for forgiveness

This brings you good health Possible consequences if not followed

Will cause you more harm than good in your life

Printable Forms

Please feel free to download our forms to show off the Code of respect in your location

Available in English 

Available in English and  Español

Available in English and  Español

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